Civil Litigation

Civil litigation in California starts when one party or parties file a lawsuit (plaintiffs) against another party or parties (defendants) to obtain money and/or to obtain a court order forcing someone to do something or refrain from doing something. The filing of a complaint by the plaintiff starts a civil lawsuit, usually leads to a cross-complaint against the plaintiff by the defendant, then proceeds to lengthy discovery where both sides exchange information about the case, and is either concluded by a settlement or a trial of the dispute by a judge or a jury. Sometimes the plaintiff and defendant agree beforehand that any dispute between them must be resolved by arbitration, and then the dispute is resolved out of court by a retired judge or experienced attorney selected by the parties.

We represent our clients in a variety of civil actions during trials, hearings, arbitrations and mediations. Much of our civil litigation work is done on behalf of clients in front of administrative agencies, federal, state and local courts in the San Bernardino and Riverside County area. To maximize your chances of favorably resolving a lawsuit or arbitration, it is important to involve us as soon as possible in the process, preferably well before any complaint is filed.

San Bernardino and Riverside County Civil Litigation Attorney

Some of the most common areas of California civil litigation the Law Office of Eric J. Rechsteiner deals with include:

  1. Business Disputes
  2. Contract Disputes
  3. Personal Injury
  4. Medical Malpractice
  5. Trademark Infringement

If you are, or are going to be, a party in a civil lawsuit in California, you need an experienced civil litigation lawyer in California on your side. Please call the Law Office of Eric J. Rechsteiner, Esq. at (909) 255-9529 or contact us here.

The Law Office of Eric J. Rechsteiner is willing and able to assist you in any type administrative proceeding, arbitration, litigation or mediation matter.