Music Industry

Musicians to manufacturers of musical instruments need to protect both their short-term interests and long-term career goals through sound planning and consideration of basic business, contract, and intellectual property principles. Aspiring artists need to be careful when signing contracts, manufacturers need to protect their trade secrets. Initial artist contracts are typically one-sided and unfair - locking up-and-coming artists into exclusive contracts that can last for decades, as well as create a situation where these individuals or groups are exploited and taken advantage of for their entire careers.  Trade secrets are often absconded with by prior employees and competitors.

Imagine an attorney who is crafting a solution for your legal issue, which will reverberate throughout your entire musical career, and that attorney has never played a musical instrument or traded professionally within the music industry. Would that attorney understand the musical consequences of their decisions upon your career? Most likely not. On the other hand, Attorney Eric Rechsteiner has made his sole living in the music industry, performing and teaching music since 1990.  This has given Attorney Eric Rechsteiner a wealth of experience and information to draw upon to exceedingly advise and construct appropriate legal solutions for an artists legal needs within the music industry.

The Law Office of Eric J. Rechsteiner provides comprehensive legal services that include assistance with intellectual property, trade secrets, trademarks, copyright protection and licensing, recording, distribution and publishing agreements, advertising and promotional issues.  We are located in Redlands, conveniently close to the entertainment communities of Los Angeles County.

The Cost of Litigation

The cost of civil litigation many times discourages an artist from pursuing or defending against a civil suit.  This is because the financial demands of civil litigation may exceed a monetary award for damages or extend beyond the ability of the artist to pay for their own representation.   Understanding this frustration is what separates the Law Office of Eric J. Rechsteiner from other attorneys in accepting cases in this area of law.

As a professional musician himself for over 25 years, Attorney Eric Rechsteiner understands that value in the arts is not alone measured by dollars and cents but by passion.  In essence, an artist while pursuing their expression will not concern themselves with shallow forms of monetary compensation during such endeavors.  Therefore, when an artists expression is violated by an illegal act, it requires an attorney with this understanding to translate loss of passion into appropriate compensation for the aggrieved artist.

From artists to manufacturers of musical instruments, if you believe a legal right of yours has been violated, don't give up pursuit of a civil suit based upon your current lack of finances.  Contact the Law Office of Eric J. Rechsteiner at (909) 255-9529 or contact us here for a free consultation.

Areas of Representation

  1. Breach of Contract
  2. Contract Formation
  3. Drafting Agreements for Bands
  4. Intellectual Property
  5. Copyright Registration and Protection
  6. Trademark Registration and Protection
  7. Internet Piracy
  8. Injunctive Relief

NAMM - National Association of Music Merchants

In support of musicians, music service providers and music instrument manufacturers, Rechsteiner Law is a proud member of the National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM).


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