Individuals with substantial assets are frequently establishing trusts in addition to or in place of a will. A trust is a document created for an individual or entity, known as a trustee, to manage the trustor's property.

Trusts can be created while the trustor is alive, known as an irrevocable or living trust. A revocable trust can also be established as a substitute for a will outlining how assets should be distributed when the trustor dies. Similar to a will, the validity of a trust may be contested. Trustees appointed to oversee the trust are sometimes sued for improper accounting and trust mismanagement. When trust disputes occur, contact the Law Office of Eric J. Rechsteiner, for experienced representation.



Offering Comprehensive Trust Litigation Services

The Law Office Eric J. Rechsteiner, Esq. has significant experience in trust litigation which includes litigating on behalf of large trust beneficiaries, as well as defending trust fiduciaries. We represent clients in a variety of trust actions, including:

  1. Trust contests
  2. Beneficiary claims
  3. Trust reformation
  4. Accounting of trust finances
  5. Breach of a fiduciary duty
  6. Trust misappropriation and mismanagement
  7. Questioning the validity of trusts with allegations of fraud, duress, undue influence, coercion, lack of capacity, proper trust formation, and diverting from the trustor's intent

Our law firm's trust contest attorneys in Redlands represent individual beneficiaries, charitable organizations, and educational institutions in a diverse range of actions related to trust litigation. We also represent individual and corporate trustees in complex trust-related disputes, including matters involving accounting and claims of trust mismanagement, and breach of fiduciary duty.

Contact Our Trust Litigation Attorneys

If you have an interest in a trust, as a beneficiary or a trustee, contact the Law Office of Eric J. Rechsteiner, Esq. to discuss your case. We will apply our experience level and legal skills focused on protecting your best interests. For more information on trust litigation, reference our estate and probate newsletter.