The Remedy of Damages (Part1)

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Today’s article, first in a series, is going to discuss legal remedies towards violations of particular legal rights.  What does that mean in a nutshell?  Relief the law provides an individual after being infringed of a legal right by the defendant.  Let’s begin.

The most popular remedy is called damages.  What are damages?  Damages are an award of money to an aggrieved party to compensate for any loss or injury. Damages most often occur in breach of contract and tort cases.  The purpose in awarding damages is to make the plaintiff whole by awarding sufficient money to indemnify him for his loss.

Damages - Breach of Contract
Below are four (4) popular types of damage awards in breach of contract cases:

  1. General damages
  2. Special (Consequential) damages
  3. Liquidated damages
  4. Reliance damages

Damages - Torts
In tort cases, there are four (4) types of damage awards as well:

  1. General damages
  2. Special damages
  3. Punative damages
  4. Nominal damages